Why stress is being part of today’s education for a child

‘Today’s child is the torch bearer of tomorrow’s progress’ having said that, Society should facilitate the right means for a child to grow and prosper.

On the contrary, as stated in Daily Hunt, “Two-third (66%) students reported that their parents pressurize them for better academic performance.”

Below are some factors that are contributing to driving education stress in a child:

Negative Competition

Competition is part of survival and healthy competition should prevail in order to get skillful development of any child. Almost every parent would agree that today’s generation child is facing huge competition in the field of education. This competition has reached an extent where it started creating a negative impact and driving stress.

Parental Pressure

Parents need to understand that each child is unique and has a different set of talents & abilities. Increasing pressure on a child to perform the best can go negative. Parents need to rather Focus on a child’s interest and address the issues with the right amount of guidance to build a healthy mindstate of a child.

Teaching Methodology

Though the teaching methodology has been the same as the blackboard, Every child is expected to understand and prepare the best out of it. Being obsessed with scoring terminology students choose to study rather than to learn. There is a huge gap between the terms “studying” and “learning” where studying refers to reading or memorizing something but learning refers to gaining knowledge or skill from studying.

Learning should be prioritized which will drive every child in the right direction and also help them in being part of healthy competition rather than stress.

Here the education system plays a vital role in designing a healthy infrastructure to get better outcomes from society.

How technology can be a solution provider?

Technology can greatly supplement the education system and address issues where learning can be more of understanding and upskilling new things. There is an urgent need to upgrade the way we teach building a scope for a more personalized way of learning. A system where parents can be part of the child’s educational journey and technology can play a better role in building the citizens of tomorrow.

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