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Erudex provides a complete digital learning solution for schools and colleges including individual learning platform for students of CBSE and SSC Boards. Being one of the leading online learning platforms in India, Erudex has helped transform many schools and colleges into a digital equipped platform. Our goal is to make learning a personal experience and help students learn beyond the boundaries of four walls. Keeping this in mind we have designed a learning application that makes learning fun and engaging.

Seamless Learning Across all Devices:

Erudex aims to make every student’s learning experience simple as a way of achieving the simplicity of usage. We have designed our learning modules in a way that it can be accessed using any device. Achieving ease of access to Digital Content, our learning module is compatible using any device like Mobiles, Tablets & Desktops; making it very easily accessible for students to learn online.

Erudex Students dashboard

Online/Offline Learning Module:

In India, the internet speed bothers us very much and it might become a hurdle for students to access online learning content using the internet. This allowed us to innovative, and create a way for students to have the same experience online or offline. Our learning experts have designed a learning repository that can be integrated into the device of a student. This makes learning offline-learning possible on our platform.

Self-learning for Students:

Now students never have to depend on a tutor to learn and get an explanation. Erudex becomes your personal tutor which stays with you 24/7 making your learning process simple and fun. Students can adopt self-learning and score well in their examinations. Our digital learning platform has many features like FAQ’s, Multiple Choice Questions, Dictionary and many other features across SSC and CBSE syllabus.

Erudex Students dashboard

Self-assessments for Students:

Students can now create self-assessments on each topic and set difficulty level accordingly. This feature generates questions automatically and lets students examine themselves. This makes students understand how well they have understood the topic and which topics or chapters need more focus and learning. Erudex becomes a complete personal online tutor for every student.

Online Analytics and Report Generation for Students:

In the learning process of every student evaluation of what they learn is necessary. In Erudex students can access their reports and performance analytics at any time which will get them an overview. Students understand how well they are going and on which concepts they need to invest more time to improve. Erudex online analytics and report generation for students will help students get complete reports on a Daily, Weekly & Monthly basis.

Erudex Students dashboard

Complete Assignments & Activities:

School assignments can be completed and submitted online using Erudex’s online-learning platform. Erudex school features can be accessed only when the school uses Erudex learning solution for schools. In this module, students can get assignments and activities from teachers. This makes it easy and adaptable for every student to complete and submit all the assignments and activities assigned by school teachers.

Online Forums and Groups For Students & Teachers:

Students can now create groups together and share useful learning resources on the same learning platform using Erudex. Erudex social connectivity and learning feature enables students and mentors to connect, have their doubts clarified and share online-learning resources.

Erudex Students dashboard

Student Timeline:

Student timeline is designed on the Erudex platform to get a complete analysis of time spent and activities by students using the platform. Erudex student timeline gives data about the student learning process and simplifies updates using Erudex learning platform for students.

Online Resources:

Erudex as a complete online learning solution for students and educators designed a platform based on the curriculum of SSC and CBSE Board students. Our online learning repository is perfectly designed but sometimes we fail to get the latest learning updates as soon as it captures the internet. Hence, Erudex learning platform has an upload option wherein students and educators can upload and share online resources for learning purpose.

Erudex Students dashboard

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