Online Learning App for Classes 1 to 12

Erudex is a learning app for Class 1-12 (CBSE & State Board) which brings lessons to life with engaging animated content and interactive features. This makes learning fun for students who can follow what is taught at school.

Erudex – Make Learning Personal We are the only Curriculum-based Learning app driven primarily to put the learning process and fun element back to the individual children.

Erudex App enabled by its LMP (Learning management Platform), provides a way for any learner to engage with their courses and their peer groups. The Erudex LMP powers the App integrates and enables all forms of learning. It is a global app, can be used by any learner, with any content specific to their course and curriculum requirements. We provide learning at a topic level to enhance the student’s capabilities. Testing module tests the students at difficulty levels and skills types and Erudex has a database 200,000 questions.

Key Features:

• CBSE and State Board Curriculum-based education

• Short videos for better retention and fun

• Interactive textbooks for in-depth learning

• CIT for summary and revision

• Quizzes at a topic level can provide reports that point the student in the right path

• Add notes to the timelines and also in the Interactive Ebooks

• Add bookmarks and highlighters in the resources and review them later

• Discussion boards for interaction with teachers

• Illustrations for flip learning

• Competitive examination coaching for all grades

• Includes competitive curriculums IIT-JEE, NEET & EAMCET with over 300,000 multilevel Practice Questions

• Self and moderated assessments for advanced preparation

• Topic-wise Concept Resources

• Weekly and Monthly mock practice tests published by our expert faculty

• Extensive reports and analytics

• Learn both online and offline

Rich Multimedia Animated Content

Our Rich 2D and 3D animation content engages student’s interest and delivers on the desired knowledge transfer. Enables better retention and conceptual clarity. Videos are short and are seen and registered without a lapse in concentration. Students can access the content at their own pace. Videos show the simulations of real events, help prepare for the class and can aid as revision tools.

Interactive Ebooks

An interactive ebook will work as a conclusive learning tool to both stabilize what the student has learned in videos and also as a revision tool. It has a number of interactive elements as they are integrated with video, audio, graphics, illustrations and even animations. Students can interact directly with teachers by pointing to a particular topic or question directly in the Ebook.

Testing and Analytics

An adaptive testing platform will enable the student to concentrate more on his weak areas and also maintaining strong areas. We have a database of nearly 200,000 questions that will help the students test how completely they have understood a subject. We also have an analytic tool that gives them feedback on their strong and weak zones and then designs the subsequent tests accordingly.

About Us

Erudex was envisioned with a passion to transform the educational system. Every student is different, every teacher teaches differently, every school has a different philosophy, so why use the same learning methodology in every scenario? This is the thought that drives our company. Erudex has set out to make learning personal. This global vision enabled with a team of over 100+ teachers, Educators, Visual Effects and Content Developers and Software Engineering resulted in our comprehensive Erudex LMP, Content and Mobile apps.

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