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There is a strong need of this generation to upgrade the way and methodology we adapt to learn in today’s world. Upgrading the education system with the help of technology is needed to make learning an easy process. In India especially it has been a very different approach when it comes to education. Different states follow different curriculum and boards.


CBSE & SSC are the widely followed boards in Indian education system. Our goal as creating a learning technology was to adopt a methodology where we can make learning an easy process. A thought was also to create a platform where students can take their learning beyond the four walls of schools and make learning possible anywhere anytime. Hence we have created Erudex, A learning App that is designed according to the curriculum of CBSE & SSC Boards.


Erudex as a learning App has much more than what you can imagine when it comes to an education platform. Many features are introduced not only for students but also for the parents & teachers as they play an important role in every student’s life.


Get to know about the Digital Content Features For Online Learning in Erudex.

Features of Erudex Learning App for CBSE & SSC:


HQ Animated Learning Videos:


Thousands of Multimedia HQ Animated learning videos that are available with our learning app for CBSE & SSC Students. It is a scientific fact that visual content can be easily understood and remembered among students than using textbooks. Topic wise learning videos that are designed to match the learning standards.


Curriculum-Based Learning Platform:


Every curriculum has different learning content and hence we have different learning platform for CBSE & SSC Boards. Students get access to complete learning platform where we find Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s), Concept tree, Definitions, Facts, Dictionary, Key Points, Formulae, Image info…Etc.

Interactive Textbooks:


We still believe that textbooks are needed along with Animated content to get a better learning experience. CBSE & SSC curriculum-based textbooks are also available in Erudex learning platform for better reference.


Quizzes & topic wise tests:


Each learning video is associated with Quiz and topic wise tests can be taken at any time by students. Tests and quizzes let students understand how well they are being able to perform. Students can adjust their difficulty level according to which the questions gets designed.


Adding Notes to the timeline:


With Erudex learning App, students can now make notes and can mark down important points without any paper books. This learning platform is designed to match the needs of every student and make learning convenient with the adoption of technology.


Interaction With Teachers & Classmates:


A discussion is a very important part of learning and hence we have made interaction with teachers & fellow students easy and convenient. Sharing learning resources among each other and creating a topic wise discussion makes better learning experience for every member of the learning platform.


Competitive Examination Coaching:


We know how competitive exams are a very important part of our education system. Imagine a learning platform that has everything that a student needs and that is Erudex learning App. Students can now prepare for competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET & EAMCET all under one platform.


Extensive Reports & Analytics:


Students can now generate reports and watch analytics of their overall performance. A Dashboard that has been designed to give you analysis on the weekly, monthly & yearly basis. This reports and analytics can be used to improve and achieve new goals.


Learn Both Online & Offline:


A learning app that is beyond your imagination. A feature that is available with no other learning app is now available with Erudex learning app. Students can now watch Animated learning videos and take their Erudex learning experience on both online & offline mode. All the features that are available on the online platform can also be accessed with offline learning module.


Erudex Learning App is now available on the Android platform for CBSE & SSC students. Get complete access to HQ Animated video lessons & take tests online with a free registration on Erudex learning app.


Download our Erudex Learning App for CBSE & SSC Board Students.

Also get to know about the Student Dashboard Features For Online Learning in Erudex.


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