Intermediate Colleges Gain Free Access To Erudex Platform

A News Coverage of our press event and objective behind giving our platform for free to all the intermediate colleges in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The Press Conference was held in Hyderabad on the 18th of March 2019 to announce free access to our JEE, EAMCET and NEET preparation material along with the online testing platform.

Colleges can avail the free services to prepare their students for JEE, EAMCET, and NEET; study material and mock exams included with the platform

Preparedness of colleges and students to sit through a computer-based EAMCET exam is similar to the time when JEE was made online in 2018. Majority of junior colleges in the Telugu States are not equipped with the infrastructure to instruct or assess students through digital means. It has become a necessity for colleges to adapt and facilitate a computer-based testing environment for students to thrive in online exams.

Erudex has designed and developed an easily accessible platform and study material for colleges, teachers, and students. Colleges can avail Erudex platform for free along with individual accounts provided to students, teachers, and administrators.

Erudex provides a hands-on experience of an actual entrance exam through which teachers can conduct mock and practice tests for students. Along with this our platform is bundled with the following advantages:

  • Exclusive JEE, EAMCET and NEET concept resources, and other study material
  • Access to performance and usage reports of individual students

Erudex platform is now made free for all intermediate 2nd-year students and colleges. We urge all institution owners, principals or lecturers to avail this free service provided across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Parents and students can place a request at their respective college to gain free access to the Erudex platform. Please call us at +91 84990 33333 or write to

Our Platform also includes:

  • SCERT and NCERT boards certified K-12 content and study material that is mapped to CBSE, TSSB and APSB curriculums
  • 800+ hours of rich topic-level video content
  • Over 2 lakh questions and solutions
  • Specialized Board and Entrance-exam materials for MPC and BiPC groups, and JEE, EAMCET and NEET
  • Facilitates instant access to computer-based testing for students to practice from the college campus or from their homes
  • Individual online accounts to all teachers to conduct practice, mock and grand tests

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