How Digital technology is transforming education

“In the late night while you are preparing for your exams and you suddenly get a doubt!”

Imagine how difficult it would be to get your doubt resolved in the past, But it’s no more difficult in the current phase of education where technology and digitalization have just taken over the way we study. Of course, the Future of education looks really bright and digital technology is playing a very key role in this aspect.

A human teacher could never be replaced with technology, But the digital infrastructure will surely work as a supplement and will help to transform the education sector. A way where traditional learning and digital technology both walking hand in hand will build better outcomes and build better learning resources for the society.

Below are a few factors that are making an impact in transforming education:

Digitalization of Classrooms:

A teacher teaching a concept using Audiovisual content will make the understanding process more easy and simple. It also includes infrastructure and platform where individual student attention can be gained and a personalized learning path can be designed for each student to achieve their learning goals.

Gamification in Learning:

Gamification is playing an important role in digital education. It is transforming the methodology of learning into a fun and enhancing the competitive approach of a student. We have always been addicted to games irrelevant to our age groups. Gamification makes education fun and addiction based platform where students can learn with a competitive approach while having fun.

Customized Learning Paths & Reports:

It is very hard for a teacher to personally address each and every student in an assigned time interval. Using digital infrastructure in education will create a platform that enables customized learning paths & reports for each student. Technology will play a very vital role in enhancing student understanding and pave a path for a better education system.

Audio Visual Learning:

It is a renowned fact that our brains process videos about 60,000 times faster than they process text. Textbooks can never be replaced with this audiovisual content, But the audiovisual content will act as a supplement to the traditional textbooks. It makes understanding of a concept and learning process much easier and convenient.

Live Doubt Clarification:

Knowledge is now more accessible with technology penetrating into education. Artificial intelligence taking charge of a human teacher where doubts are being clarified even without the presence of human. Humans cannot work 24/7 but AI take charge when a human correspondent is not available in the place.

Positive use of technology can do a great benefit to human society and evolving technology into the education sector is considered to make a revolutionary change.

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