How Digital Content Can Help Class 11 and Class 12 Students

You have now passed out with flying colors in class 10 and you are now a little more confident about approaching board exams. A big confusion that arises in every student’s mind in these days is which group to choose in class 11 and class 12. Whether you have studied in CBSE board or SSC board, There are several groups (MPC, MEC, BIPC, CEC) to choose from. Class 11 and Class 12 are the foundation and basement upon which you are going to build your future. Hard work and determination during this period will help you get into your dream college for graduation and as well get you an actual idea of how your career is going to evolve in future.


What is Digital Content?


Traditional ways of studying using textbooks are still getting followed by many schools and colleges. We all know how technology has been adapted to everything around us and we are really getting benefitted by this. The education system should also update to the technology available as it has opened a new way to get connected to the world and study. Now education is not limited to four walls and bound to textbooks knowledge. With Digital education and online smart classes, we can study and get limitless knowledge anytime anywhere. Digital content is the multimedia version of your textbook lessons and curriculum. High-quality visuals catch more attraction and are grabbed easily by human brains.


Digital content is available for all the classes from 1-12 for CBSE and SSC boards. Personalised curriculum for every student has been integrated with this adaptive learning methodology. Chapterwise multimedia content including test, assignments, and FAQ. It is always seen students suffer due to incompletion of the chapters and curriculum in schools. With Digital content you will never have to worry about your incompletion of chapters, notes, and curriculum.


Which Group should I choose during class 11 and class 12 (Intermediate) ??


This choice definitely goes with you according to the subject you like the most and the profession you want to opt in future. Taking suggestion or guidance of parents experts and teachers is a good idea. But the final choice should be with you. This is the time when you actually start making decisions on your own.


How to make a choice ??


MPC is a good option when you love Maths, physics & chemistry as subjects and when you want to get into the field of engineering.

BIPC is a good option when you are a science lover and when you want to get into the filed of the health department.

MEC is a good option when you love calculation and good in handling budget, especially when you want to get into finance and banking sector.


Ways of how a Digital content can be helpful for class 11 and class 12


There is a special need for Digital content and online classes for class 11 and class 12. As mentioned earlier class 11 and class 12 are the basement and foundation for your career to build upon it. Specialized digital content for groups like MPC and BIPC to get exact grip and knowledge on the core subject. In this stage, you always opt for coaching and go through several materials to get good ranking. Below I have mentioned all the advantages of digital content to class 11 and class 12.


The utility of time:


We know how much pressure you take in during these intermediate stage of education. Most of the colleges have a long shift in timing and curriculum. You might not find enough time to get coaching for good marks. Digital content and online coaching are the best options for you during this period. In this way, it will be more convenient for you to focus on your studies to reach your goals.


Adaptability with all the groups of study:


You never have to take the extra pressure when you opt out for digital content and online coaching. Digital content is adaptable to the groups of study (MPC, MEC, BIPC, CEC) you choose from. You will get digital content to exactly what you are getting taught during your college hours.


Online assignments and tests for class 11 and class 12:


You can always take self-tests and assignments to what you have studied during your college hours. In this way, you evaluate your self and understand your weak subjects and chapters where you need to grow yourself. Hence, Digital content and online coaching will surely help you to get good ranks during your board exams.


High-quality multimedia content for class 11 and class 12:


All the curriculum which are designed by SSC and CBSE is available as high-quality multimedia animated videos. Hence, you will now never have to solve your queries and doubts reading boring textbooks. All the content in your textbook is now available as visual video so that you can enjoy every chapter watching videos and stay ahead of all the students in your class.

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