Easing JEE, NEET and EAMCET Preparation For Intermediate Colleges in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

Erudex offers an exclusive platform that helps teachers prepare their students to ace online entrance exams through a tailor-made digital learning and teaching solution.

JEE and EAMCET are online; NEET and other entrance exams are soon to go online, and this poses a new challenge for colleges and teachers. The demand to compete against lakhs of other engineering and medicine aspirants looms over this brief summer period. Adding haste to this contest, students are barely left with any time to pick up the habit of taking an online examination on the heels of their board exams.  

The primary questions that arise in this context are:

Does a college have the set-up to help students practice online regularly?

Are students used to the online exam interface that helps them learn to manage time?

Given the demand, which sharply rose from the time JEE was made online, accessibility to Computer Aided Learning came into light. Consequently, provision of an online learning and test-practice environment became the norm for parents or students while looking out for colleges.

In order to stay competitive, improve student outcomes, earn ranks and to retain/attract admissions, the infrastructure of colleges demands an immediate overhaul.

Deliberating upon this critical concern, Erudex has designed and developed a holistic solution for colleges to stay relevant and seize a great opportunity that lies ahead.

Erudex’s Digital Classroom Solution is an extensive and well-rounded platform that brings together institutions, teachers, and parents to accelerate a student’s success.

Highlighting some of the features and benefits, below are a few snippets of how our multifaceted platform boosts the academic progress of institutions, students and teachers.

Advancing managerial capacity of an institute

Erudex enables an institute or institutes of all sizes to manage, update or share their study material with their teachers or other branches within the organization. Armed with a dedicated dashboard for institutes, our platform allows the management to view reports of their teachers and students across all classes and sections.

Engage students with high-quality content

Our pre-loaded content is mapped to the CBSE and State Board curriculum with which institutes, teachers and students can watch textbook topics spring to life through thousands of animated video lessons. Institutes/Teachers also have the capability to upload external links or study material and share them with teachers or students. Content also includes chapter-level features such as glossary, FAQs, fill in the blanks etc. for classes 1 to 12.

Make testing a habit for students

Erudex Learning Platform facilitates students to regularly put their knowledge to test after each chapter. Teachers can access our data bank of over 2 lakh+ questions to conduct mock exams, internal tests/exams, or even use the question bank to assign homework to students. All questions in the data bank are auto-graded, which saves effort and time for teachers. Institutes/teachers can also create their own tests, or upload question sets to create exclusivity within the platform.

Indicating progress at every level

Our reporting features are an exclusive tool for institutes/teachers to have a hands down information on the performance of students, effectiveness of content, and efficiency of the platform on a whole. Reporting includes performance and usage reports of teachers and students at an institutional level, and performance and usage reports of students at a teacher-level.

A 360-degree Entrance Exam Preparation Module including JEE, EAMCET and NEET

We are offering a complete entrance exam preparation module for engineering and medicine aspirants, which includes individual prep courses for JEE, EAMCET and NEET. The curriculum is designed by leading tutors who are also graduates from the reputed IITs and AIIMSs, and who have been mentoring students from the past 15 years to crack these exams. This exclusive curriculum includes topic-level concept resources, over 1 Lakh chapter-level practice questions, previous-year question papers, and mock exams/grand tests.

Since some of the entrance exams have been made online, we have designed the tools for a teacher and institute to extend a hands-on online exam experience to their students. The platform also allows institutes and teachers to upload their own question sets and conduct mock exams regularly.

A promise of growth for institutes

Keeping the demands of today’s fast-paced environment in mind, we have crafted a way for institutes to remain competitive, increase revenue through a proven-business model, and grow the scale of their organization.

Erudex is opening doors for institutes to explore the scope and opportunity of digital teaching and learning technology. Our Counsellor or Business Development Officers can pay a visit to your institute to present and discuss the way forward. Request a demo, call +91 94948 64447 to enable your college/school with a revenue-generating Digital Classroom, Tab Lab or Smart School solution.

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