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Today’s world is all about getting smarter solutions and making things convenient and easily available. Smart classroom solutions have evolved as a learning solution for the smarter generation students. A digital classroom is very much different from the traditional whiteboard classrooms. Teachers don’t have to use a piece of chalk to explain a concept and they understand to students. Digital classroom plays preloaded animated learning videos for students to understand each concept in a detailed and fun way. Effortless teaching and learning technology for smarter generation students & teachers are all about the digital smart classroom solution.

The journey from a traditional classroom to the digital smart classroom:

The journey will not be so easily adaptable as it takes time to change the traditional habituations. A digital classroom has been evolving technology since this past decade. The smart classroom technology started slowly rolling out to the bigger educational platforms and now it is available for all the schools & colleges. Smart generation students need smart classroom solutions.

Smart Classroom Solution for CBSE & SSC Board Students:

India’s Educational system mostly follows CBSE & SSC boards. The syllabus is designed and modified by board authorities and educational platforms follow the same curriculum designed by CBSE & SSC boards. Erudex as a smart classroom solutions provider designed an online learning platform that is designed as per the syllabus of CBSE and SSC boards. HQ animated learning videos for each topic combined with Multiple choice questions & Self-test for SSC & CBSE students. A complete digital learning solution for SSC & CBSE students & teachers.

Smart Classroom for CBSE & SSC Board Schools:

Dedicated teacher tools and learning repository of HQ Audio learning content for CBSE & SSC Schools. Increase your classroom efficiency by turning your traditional classroom into a smart classroom. It will be easily accessible for students and teachers to make learn and share learning resources. Choosing our smart classroom solutions schools can get access to over 30,000 High-Quality learning videos and 1,00,000 multiple choice questions.

Smart School Solutions for CBSE & SSC Boards:

Imagine turning a whole school into a digital school. It’s no longer an imagination with Erudex smart school solutions for CBSE and SSC. Schools can run the whole process of managing and administering the school with Erudex smart school solutions. A School Management System designed to meet the requirements of daily tasks.

Individual logins for each member of administration according to their roles and responsibilities with multi-device connectivity. With Erudex Smart School Solutions members of a school management system can easily access the digital content online/offline. Get complete access to teacher tools and assignments for teachers & Students.

Smart Tablet for Online Learning of CBSE & SSC Board Students:

A digitally powered tablab with an extensive collection of the content library all with a smart tablet. The most convenient way to take learning anywhere anytime. Advanced self-learning system designed for a smoother learning experience. Erudex smart tablet is preloaded with thousands of HQ Animated learning video for SSC and CBSE Students.

Erudex as a complete digital learning solution for Schools & Students has many exclusive features for SSC & CBSE Students.

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