4 Ways to keep students engaged in a classroom

Though it may be the first hour of class, It’s very tough for a teacher to grab the attention of students in a classroom for a long. You might discover sleepy faces in each corner while the majority of students may feel the classroom to be a boring and dull experience. As a teacher, the job of keeping students engaged would need a rework and possibly a restructure of the way students are taught in classrooms.

Students are curiously anxious and the teaching methodology should match their energy to maintain engaging classroom sessions. Here are four ways that will possibly help keep students engaged in a classroom.

Use of Storytelling:

Connecting topics with relevant live examples and characters triggers the thinking process and increases engagement in a classroom.

While teaching a chapter or a topic, teachers can certainly use a character or an anecdote that relates to the context of interest. This will keep the students engaged, and pep-up the mood while explaining a dry topic.

Activity-based Learning:

Activity-based learning is a methodology of teaching where an activity is designed to better understand the concept than oral sessions. In consequence, students would remain engaged even while revising a concept from its roots. Here is a video that elucidates how activity-based learning could be implemented to get better learning outcomes from students.

Grouping System:

This is a technique where 2 or more students are grouped together and are assigned with a task. Usually, teachers conduct quizzes or activities, which requires them to help each other, thus promoting exchange of knowledge.

Use of Technology:

Designed to draw the attention of students and keep them focussed through byte-sized video clips, a Digital Classroom is a classic example of putting technology to good use. Through audio-visuals, concepts are explained in animated details that makes it easy for a learner to comprehend. Features such as chats and forums make room for new learning pedagogies such as social learning.

Lesson plans and assignments are designed where one-on-one interactions and student performance reports are possible.

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